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Intensive life studies beside main business themes Economic + Business Law History + Politics Photography + History Art + Culture, Literature Media Development Geography + Sailing Environment + Nature Jazz History + Jazz Drumming Social Life + Life Style Trends
1992 …in move… 2021…
1992-2013… Duesseldorf  Christian von der Eltz, Consultant Independent Creative Director  (Copy/Conception + Photography) Photographer… with Agency-/Studio Company, Duesseldorf. 2010: The first step in the direction of China Since 2014: Back Office Company, Hong Kong                    Atelier, Shanghai Tutoring: Guest Professor University of Shanghai  (Interculture Communication Program)   English/German (Marketing Communication)                  University College of Art & Design         Conceptual Creation and Art…Composing         Business and Art (or reverse…?)
„I think in keywords, stories and pictures from the beginning; … very fast and consequently up to the end.“
Christian von der Eltz, Consultant  Creative Director (Copy/Conception+Photography)                                               … Born: 28. August, 1961, Germany Technical Studio Education  1981. APS Studio, Munich. BMW/CHC 1982 - 1985 (Dr. Wolf Dieter Herbst) Agency Education (copy/conception) Campaign and Media Production Press work. Parallel: Study (Marketing) Communication With qualifying examination. 1986 - 1992: Creative Director Copy/Conception                         Professional Associate, Photo-Productions Cross Media Communication Campaign Development Image, Sales, PR. Cross Media Production.                  Draft Worldwide, Mc Cann Erickson, Leo Burnett                  (Advertising, Sales, PR) F-F-F, Print.                  Automotive, Motorcycles, Fashion, Beauty,                  FMCG , Banks, Insurance, Industry, Retail…
PR Portraits Fashion Portraits Public People Manager Government
Street Photography: Documentation, Architecture, History, Culture and Social Life, Art and Objects
Events: Theme Development Creative Director, Photographer: Brand Events, Cultural Events, Social Life Events
Print Productions Books, Big Prints and framed Artwork
Artists PR Consulting Creative Director Photographer Jazz Musician USA, Hong Kong, Shanghai
Fashion & Accessory Beauty Creative Director Photographer Director of Photography Duesseldorf Paris Hong Kong Shanghai Tokyo Los Angeles New York Moscow
PR Consulting Creative Director Photographer (Germany, Europe, Africa, Asia, USA)